Is Supermaté Alcoholic?

No! 0% alcohol, 100% guaranteed good time. 
THIS is the drink you drink when you're out for a drink but you're not drinking.

Should I use Supermaté as a mixer?

Absolutely. Try a vodka, Supermaté and lemon. 

How much caffeine is in Supermaté?

89mg in each can. Supermaté contains natural caffeine from brewed tea which means there is the possibility of some variation between batches. It is a similar amount to a cup of coffee.

The natural caffeine will give you a nice buzz, perfect if you have a big day or night ahead.

How many calories are in Supermaté?

Only 33 calories per can.

How much sugar is in Supermaté?

Only 8.1g per can or 2.4g per 100ml. A little sugar ensures a smooth mouth feel and balances the bitterness of the Maté.

How can I order?

You can order right here on our site, unless we are all sold out. If we are be sure to follow us on instagram for the latest updates. If you are a wholesale customer please get in touch with us via email: hello@supermatesoda.com.au

Where can I order wholesale?

Please get in touch with us via email at: hello@supermatesoda.com.au and we will sort you out.

What exactly is in Supermaté?

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Brewed organic Yerba Maté Tea, Sugar, Yerba Maté Tea Extract, Food Acid (citric acid), Monk Fruit Juice (from concentrate), Rosemary Extract.