Is Supermaté Alcoholic?

  • No! 0% alcohol, 100% guaranteed good time. 
  • THIS is the drink you drink when you're out for a drink but you're not drinking.

Does it mix?

  • Absolutely! Try adding a shot of vodka, tequila or gin and a wedge of lemon to your Supermaté for a refreshing mix.

Caffeine, Calories, Sugar...

  • 72.6mg of caffeine in each can. Supermaté contains natural caffeine which means there is the possibility of slight variation between batches. It is a similar hit to a cup of coffee.
  • The natural caffeine will give you a nice buzz, perfect if you have a big day or night ahead.
  • Only 33 calories per can.
  • Only 8.3g of sugar per can, or 2.5g per 100ml. A little sugar ensures a smooth mouth feel and balances the bitterness of the Maté.

How can I order?

  • You can order right here on our site, unless we are all sold out. If we are, be sure to follow us on instagram for the latest updates. 

Where can I order wholesale?

  • Please email us at: hello@supermatesoda.com.au and we will sort you out.


  • Carbonated Water, Australian Cane Sugar, Brewed Organic Yerba Maté Tea (1.5%), Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Juice (from concentrate), Black Tea, Natural Caffeine Extract, Rosemary Extract.

There is sediment at the bottom of my can - is this normal?

  • Yes, this is totally normal! The tea can sometimes create a natural sediment at the bottom of the can. This is completely fine to drink, it may just be a bit bitter!